Happy Endings and Success Stories
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This is Amy shortly after she escaped
life in the puppy mill and came into
rescue.  Her skin was a mess, she was
very  timid and wary, and she had no
idea how to play.  She crawled around
the house and hid behind the furniture.
And this is Amy now-running,
playing, confident and full of joy.
You would never know that she
was the same dog, would you??
This is the difference
that rescue makes!
Maggie and Molly spent their entire lives in a windowless
shed in someone's back yard.  When the owners found out
they were being investigated for animal cruelty, they
dumped all of their animals, including these beautiful girls.  
Fortunately, someone cared enough to take them from the
owner and contact Rescue.  Maggie and Molly were adopted
by one of our members and have been living the high life
ever since.  They are pampered and adored, as all animals
should be.  Look at Maggie and Molly (below) now!
(Courtesy of Larry Sposato and Dan McLaughlin)
This is Tillie, a Chinese Crested/Yorkie
cross. She was picked up as a stray,
pregnant, malnourished and
heartworm-positive.  After treatment,
she was adopted by one of our members
and is now a healthy, happy queen of her
universe.  She shares her home with her
two Crested brothers, Q and Roo.  Roo
was a prior show dog whose career was
ended due to chronic skin problems, at
which time he was put up for adoption.
There are many reasons that dogs come
into rescue, but the outcome is always
the same-a new beginning and a new
chance at happiness.
Tillie and Roo
wanted to be with people more often than she could be with me, so she
made the hard decision to turn me over to rescue.   She contacted Bare
Paws Rescue and I went to a foster home where I got veterinary care,
good food, a big bed to sleep in, and people who were around for me.  I
gained weight and started playing-life was good.
One day, a wonderful forever home was found for me.  I am happier than
I ever dreamed possible.  I have people who love me very much and there
is always someone to cuddle with.  I sleep in the big warm bed under the
covers at night and spend my days lounging in the sunshine-I feel like the
luckiest little guy on earth.  Life is very good indeed.
dog, wondering if they are actually willing to share a mommy. I have my hairless angel who is not 15
months old and was and remains as human as possible. Someone else had asked me if I was
interested in adopting a gorgeous pair of hairy hairless brothers. They were beyond gorgeous and
their furnishings were the best I have ever seen. But, I wrote to Sue and said, after getting the boys
all together, it just feels like it would always be “them” and River, my boy. She responded, “I have a
feeling that the right, needy little one will soon come into your life.” Lo and behold, just a couple
months later, she asked me if I would consider fostering a Powder Puff, believing that I was only
interested in another hairless. But, forever home, I knew, even before seeing his pic, that this was
going to be my new baby and River’s brother. And, sure enough, River welcomed him immediately
into the family. They are best of friends and River has done what I was unable to do, train Jasper.
The first couple of nights, Jasper wanted to get up, in the middle of the night and play with River.
This worked for two nights, but River is a super-sleeper so the third night, he gave Jasper “what
for,” and Jasper immediately went back to sleep and never gets up before us now☺ Also, I couldn’t
get him to use a pee pad and when I totally gave up, I literally asked River to help and help, he did. I
put pads all over the staircase landing and River crumbled all but one up…..yep, that is the one that
Jasper uses. They are so smart that it is almost frightening.
But, most importantly, I love this little guy and he has continuously broken down his fears and loves
me back. He and River are inseparable and, together, we are a very, very happy family. There is no
greater joy than  opening up your heart to a “child” in need and the gratitude that “child” gives back
is priceless. Thank you so very much, Sue, for bringing this wonderful little boy to us☺
Jasper and his new brother River
Sweet Roo crossed the Rainbow
Bridge on 5/6/09.  He was
blessed to have enjoyed a long,
happy life with his mom Gail.
Hi, my name is Macy. My former owner took me to a dog shelter and left me. They said
I understand what I had done that was so wrong. Soon this really great lady named
Maria rescued me from there. I was still scared but it was better than that shelter.
She took me This new lady called herself Mommy, she held me and petted me and
talked to me all the that I was at my new home and that she was my new forever
Mommy! (unofficially of course).  I met my two new sisters, Casey and Ellie Mae-they
are Standard Poodles. (Ellie is from a rescue, too.) We got along right away.  Mommy
said it was like we had been together forever. I was still pretty nervous about
everything, but my new sisters were pretty cool and I was given food and water and a
great fenced-in yard. I had my own crate with a nice blanket to sleep in the first night.   
A couple days after being here we went camping!  I love camping! That’s when Mom
started letting me sleep in the bed…now I lounge in bed on the mornings Mom doesn’t
have to work. I get to go with Mommy all the time and she holds me 'til I want to get
down. She says her house is suffering 'cause she can’t clean with me on her hip.
My new Dad makes fun of Mom and me, he says I am stuck on her and he will have to
pluck me out if she stops too fast. I am not sure what that means….All I know is I love
to ride on the riding mower with Mom, get in the pool, or go for walks-as long as I am
with Mom, I am good.  Mom wishes I could tell her why I am so scared of strange
people and parking lots, but she says I don’t ever have to worry about being
mistreated again. Mom takes me a lot of places and says I will get better with time.
Mom has made me a  shopping bag of new clothes including a Halloween costume.
Life is good…Thanks Bare Paws Rescue, Sue and Maria…
Yetti came to us as a foster shortly after my loving little Roo died.  Q missed
Roo a lot as he had been with him since he was a puppy.  Yetti had a difficult
start in life - he spent several months caged in a pet store and was
purchased by someone who felt sorry for him.  When she was unable to
keep him in her apartment, he went to live with her in-laws.  After her
mother-in-law became ill, Yetti needed to move again.  He was quiet and
calm when I picked him up in CT and settled in at my house quickly.  He and
Q bonded and I knew he was home for good and I was a foster failure.  
Possibly Roo reached out a paw from the summerlands and helped things
Sassy and Allie
Greetings from Miami! Our names are Sassy and Allie.  We are
sisters who were rescued in Pennsylvania.  In February, we were
adopted by a couple in Miami.  They picked up us just before a
major snow storm hit the east coast. We all drove from
Pennsylvania to Miami, FL.  It was quite the adventure and lots of
fun.  We are enjoying life in Miami – we love the walks on the
beach!  And, we are quickly adjusting to life in a condominium. We
can’t believe how many new friends and “fans” we’ve met here.   
People seem to really like us – but why not, we are quite likeable,
very friendly, and cute too!  Being hairless, we enjoy the weather
in Miami.   
So to those of you waiting for adoption, hang in there.  For those
of you who are considering adopting Chinese Crested dogs, just
ask our new parents how loveable and wonderful we are.  We
know are new parents would highly recommend adopting any of
our Chinese Crested friends!
(Courtesy of The Kempis)
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Moses before
Moses after
My name is Buddy and a little over a year ago my mom and I
adopted a Chinese crested/Jack Russell mix named Kilee.  She
had some major skin problems when we first got her but now
she is doing much better.  She just turned 2 years old yesterday
and we are so happy we adopted her.  I'm pretty sure she is
happy too and loves to play with our other Chinese crested
named Tucker.  We taught her to sit, lay down, stay, up, and my
moms collard greens, yup she likes some pretty weird stuff for a
dog.  She joins us in our pool but I think she prefers the really
shallow end where she can stand(our pool has a 2 foot
section).  She has the ability to make everyone feel like she
loves them best but really she loves me best.  
My mom breeds bearded dragons (a type of lizard) and one day
one got out...Kilee started barking to my mom and running back
and forth from where my mom was to where the lizard was, all
the time looking at my mom.  My mom followed her right to the
lizard.  My mom said it was just like Lassie telling Timmy's
parents that Timmy fell in the well.
I will send you some pictures soon but I just wanted to let you
know that we just love her and are so happy we got her.
Thank you,
My name is Addy Mae, and I was adopted this past June from a
loving Foster Home in Maine. My new home is in Connecticut,
with my 2 Mommys. I adore my new home, and have the very best
of everything! At first I was a little shy, and I was scared of a lot of
things, like noises, and new situations, and sudden movements
around me. My Mommys patiently worked with me, and brought
me out of my shell.
I love going for rides, and my Mommys make sure that each day,
we go somewhere in the Car. I have my own Car Seat, so I can be
high enough in the car to look out the window, and see what's
going on. I also love to go for walks in the Park, and each day,
weather permitting, I get to go for my walks. I even get to go to
the Pet Stores, and shopping with Mommy! I get so excited when
I know I'm going somewhere, and show my excitement by
spinning around in circles, and jumping.
This past month, I got to go on my first Plane ride to Alaska with
my Mommys....I was a very good Girl, and got to ride in the Cabin,
and got my very own Plane Ticket! It was quite the trip for me,
and I got to smell and see things that was completely new to me. I
was a little cold there, so I got me some more new clothes, that
was a little warmer. My Mommy told me that I now have to have 2
clothing drawers at home, because I have so many clothes!
I love my new home, and enjoy being the only Diva at my house!
My Mommys call me their "Little Ray Of Sunshine", and I am a
very spoiled little Crested Girl...I have my Mommys wrapped
around my little Paw, and I work it!
My Mommys love me very much, and I love them back, too! I am
so happy I found them, and I am loving life with them!
Fozzie came from Puerto Rico.  He was the first
hairless dog that the All Sato Rescue had ever
encountered.  His family down there had brought
him to the vet with an eye injury and asked that
he be put to sleep.  He was just 3 years old, so a
vet tech asked them to sign him over to them
instead.  They removed his eye and contacted
Bare Paws.  Before long, he was on a plane
headed for the US.  He was terrified after the
flight, but by the next morning, his loving little
personality started to emerge.  He came to our
house, just to be fostered, but we fell in love
with him and decided to add him to our little
family.  He is playful and happy and appreciates
every day.  He stares up into our faces and gently
pats us with his paws.  He is just so thankful and
content. Thank goodness that someone saw the
value of his life and saved him.  We would have
missed out on the most special little guy, and he
would have missed out on a full, happy life.  
Please consider rescue!
Fozzie at the vet in Puerto Rico
And Fozzie in his new home,
left, enjoying life!
Poppy was living in deplorable conditions
at a hoarder/backyard breeder's house.  
She was kept, along with dozens of other
dogs,  in a cage in a garage. Hundreds
more dogs were stuck in a barn on the
property.  Unfortunately, due to either bad
care or bad breeding, Poppy is
completely blind. We studied up on living
with a blind dog before she arrived at our
house, but we needn't have worried-she
ran around the house without hesitation
and has no problem navigating at all. She
loves to play with toys, adores her other
dog siblings and is a happy, joyful little
girl now.  She even sings at the top of her
lungs because she just can't contain her
joy. We are so thankful to have her!
Poppy arriving on the transport truck
Poppy singing (left)
Hello Bare Paws Family!  Today marks 2 years since
Zuko has become a part of our family.  It has been a
very fun-loving 2 years.  Zuko is a healthy 12 lbs,  
his favorite things are going to the park and
removing his many toys from the toy basket!  We go
to our local park every morning for an hour.  It is a
500 acre park and Zuko is determined to discover
every corner of it. Our other dog Cody just turned
15 and can no longer keep up on our long walks.  
Zuko misses his company, but when we get back he
always climbs in the dog bed with Cody for a
cuddle.  Zuko is a neighborhood favorite and gets
his picture taken about 6 times a day.  He loves
every minute of it!  Just wanted to send you a few
photos of my baby to update you. I want everyone
who visits your website to know what a great
service Bare Paws provides.
Kind regards,  The Chan Family!  2014
(formerly Kosmos)
doing well! He is scheduled to have his first
styling  at the groomers. I had him completely
shaved down once before but this time we are
getting him a mohawk. : )  He is happy and
healthy. He has a bathroom schedule and is
finally getting a bit better at walking on a leash.
For a while there he did this strange little zigzag
walk. He is such a sweetie! He sleeps with me
Just wanted to let you know that Finnley is
every night and we have so much fun playing!
His favorite is fetch. I give him these full body
His favorite is fetch. I give him these full body
rubs once or twice a day and he gets the silliest
happy face. I'm attaching some pictures for you!
Thank you again for all you've done,
Pony and Lolo
I can’t believe it’s been a year already!  Time flies
when you are having fun! I adore these little dogs,
they have brought so much to my life – thank you
again for bringing us together!
The girls are doing really well.  They saw the vet in
June and everyone got a clean bill of health.  Lolo has
lost about a half a pound, she is moving around
better, but she still has about a pound or so to go.  I
actually get her to run short distances in the back
yard which is really cute!  When I was out working in
the garden, the girls relaxed in a pop-up screen tent,
in their beds.  They seemed to really enjoy being
outside – they would lay in the sun for a while and
then move to the shade, all while keeping a close eye
on me!  Attached is a picture that I took of them in the
car.  We were on our way to a cookout and they were
excited.  They travel very well and are really well
behaved when we go visiting.
Deb M.  2014
Hemmy and Hadley
(Formerly Chewy and Big Dawg)
Hemmy and Hadley came from a puppy mill where
they shared a small cage with a Chihuahua for
seven years. Although they are extremely loving,
there's still evidence of their past in their cropped
tails and preference to sleep in a pile on top of one
another. Also, we're still working on potty training
and Hadley wears a belly band most of the day.
Since being adopted in February they've adjusted
well to their​ new life with powderpuff sister Sanger.
Both burrow in blankets and enjoy cuddles. Hemmy
plays catch and Hadley enjoys belly rubs.  Their
foster parents are great and we're still in contact
with pictures and updates.

~Melissa, August 2015
Hi my name is Sammy, and I am the only Pomeranian adopted
adoption story, they laugh because I'm so furry and I was
adopted from a hairless dog rescue! I was adopted on
December 30th, 2015 when my old family was moving and
couldn't take me with them. I was really sad and stressed out
until I met my new Mommy and moved to Astoria, Queens
where I LOVE being a city pup! I live in a house full of girls -
Mom, and my two Aunts - and we do pretty much everything
together. I love going on long walks around the city and
meeting all kinds of interesting people and dogs at the park.
Having picnics in Central Park and hanging out at outdoor
cafes are two of my favorite things to do. I'm also my Mom's
travel buddy - sometimes we take the train upstate to get
outside in nature and go hiking! I am definitely super spoiled
now and living my best life. Everywhere I go, people stop to
pet my soft coat and smile at me, and I can't help but smile
back. Thank you Bare Paws for helping me to find my best
friend! My mom tracks my fun life on my Instagram account

~Rachel, April 2016