100% of the proceeds from the sale of these beautiful pajamas
goes directly to helping Bare Paws' rescue dogs!  
Fleece pajamas are $18.50, which includes shipping.  To purchase, click the PayPal button
next to the pajamas you wish to purchase.  Ultracuddle pajamas are $22.00 each, due to the
much more expensive fabric.  Measure you dog from the base of the neck to the end of
back just above the tail:

XS:           Up to 11"                 
Small:      Up to 13"           
Medium:  Up to 15"                          (Feel free to email us with any questions!)
Large:      Up to 17"                                 
***INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE:  We are very sorry that we will have to
increase our postage on international orders. Please add $10.00 to your payment, as
the post office is charging us an average of $13.00 to ship one item. Please click the
Paypal button below in addition to the button of the pajamas you wish to purchase to
add the $10.00 shipping charge:
Add International Shipping Charge:
Size Medium Gray
Plaid Fleece-SOLD
Size Large Rainbow
Butterflies Fleece
Size Small Llamas
and Flowers Fleece
**We are sorry that we are not able to offer any more special orders on pajamas
at this time. We have not been able to put any pajamas on the website because
of the volume of special orders that we have received, and our volunteer has
not had time to do anything else but sew! We apologize for the inconvenience,
but check here often as there will be a lot more choices very soon!
Jammies sell fast, so please
check back frequently, as we will
be restocking them regularly.
Size Medium Rainbow
Hearts Fleece
Little Sophia looks beautiful
in her animal print Bare Paws