Pajama Fundraiser
100% of the proceeds from the sale of these beautiful pajamas goes directly to    
helping Bare Paws' rescue dogs!  
(Please note:  New pajamas are added all the time and are limited quantity.  Most
have only one of each size listed. Don't miss out on your favorites!)
Fleece Pajamas
Most pajamas are $20.00, which includes shipping.  Ultra Cuddle and Ruffle Bottom
pajamas are $25.00 including shipping. To purchase, click the PayPal button next to the
pajamas you wish to purchase.  Measure you dog from the base of the neck to the end of
back just above the tail:
Please check back frequently-we have had an overwhelming response and will be
XS:           Up to 11"                  restocking soon!  New ones all the time!
Small:      Up to 13"            
Medium:  Up to 15"                          (Feel free to email us with any questions!)
Large:      Up to 17"                        
More styles are added all the time, so check back often!
Size Small Ombre Paws
Ultracuddle (thick,
super soft fabric like a
chenille sweater for
your dog!)
Size Medium Hot
Cocoa Fleece-SOLD
Visit our Summer Jammies Page!
Visit our Coat, Hat and Harness
pages, too!
Summer Jammies
Size Medium
Rainbow Comic
Dogs Fleece-SOLD
Here is sweet Winstan
running in his jammies-look
at him go!
(Courtesy of Nikki Rightmire)
And check out darling baby Rocky
modelling his new jammies!  
(Courtesy of Janice Almodovar)
Size Medium Peacock
Ruffle Bottom Fleece-
Ari looks just
adorable modelling
his new ultra-plush
(Courtesy of Tanja
Rigby looks
fabulous in his Bare
Paws pajamas!
(Courtesy of
Jennifer Tserng)
Furry pups appreciate pajamas,
too.  Yao looks stunning in his
warm jammies!
(Courtesy of Sara Downing)
Baubles looks adorable
modelling his new
ultraplush jammes!
(Courtesy of
Bruce Daniels)
Size Small Gray &
White Dogs Fleece-
Sweet little Luna looks
just beautiful in her
colorful fleece pajamas!
(Courtesy of Karin Foster)
Size Large
Mermaids &
Dolphins Fleece
Slick is having sweet dreams in
his Bare Paws jammies!
(Courtesy of Lorrie Dionne)
Dexter sure looks handsome in
his tie-dye jammies!
(Courtesy of Jamie Miller)
Kloe looks beautiful in her
Bare Paws jammies!
(Courtesy of Jeri Dudley)
Charlie is fetching in her
snowman jammies-look
how pretty she is!!
(Courtesy of Selena Geleas)
Rico loves his Bare
Paws jammies-what a
handsome boy!
(Courtesy of
Yvette Harrison)
***INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: We are very sorry to say that the post office
has raised the price on shipping international orders significantly.  If you are in any
country other than the US, please contact us first before ordering.  The average price
to mail one item to Australia from the US is over $24.00 now!  
Beautiful FiFi loves her monkey
pajamas-she looks adorable in them!!
(Courtesy of Brittany Carper)
Beau looks just too
cute for words in his
(Courtesy of Kelsey
Valentina (Mythic Kingdom's
Valentina, courtesy of Tomasina
Biegler) looks stunning in her Bare
Paws leopard jammies!!
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great items for sale:
Lovely little Ellie enjoys lounging
around in her Bare Paws jammies!
(Courtesy of Megan Dionne)
Check out Chuper in his
Bare Paws jammies-what a
precious little pup!
(Courtesy of Andrea
Lola and Fabio look
fetching and toasty in
their Bare Paws jammies!
(Courtesy of Rodhe
Darling little Otto
looks so sweet in his
Bare Paws jammies!
(Courtesy of Jamie
Pretty little Xena had a
leg amputated, and her
Bare Paws jammies
keep her warm & comfy!
(Courtesy of Andrea
How adorable does little
Alvin look in his Bare Paws
jammes?? Too cute!!
(Courtesy of Teresa Willms)
We got cleaned out! More
jammies will be coming shortly
Size Small
Magical Unicorns
Extra Soft Fleece-
Cool boys Pony and Fozzie are rockin'
their Bare Paws fleece guitar jammies!
(Courtesy of LIsa Walston)
Vinny is having sweet dreams in his
new soccer jammies. So cute!!
(Courtesy of Christi and Roxanne)
***We are sorry that we are not able to offer any more special orders on pajamas at this
time. We have not been able to put any pajamas on the website because of the volume
of special orders that we have received, and our volunteer has not had time to do
anything else but sew! We apologize for the inconvenience, but check here often as
there will be a lot more choices very soon!
Here is beautiful Valentina,
modelling all kinds of Bare
Paws clothing-
hat, jammies, coat, the works!  
Doesn't she look spectacular?
(Courtesy of Tomasina Biegler)
Gandy is a very handsome boy
in his Bare Paws monkey
(Courtesy of Alison Hagen)
Size Small
RV's Fleece
Look at all the Bare Paws
jammie fans in this family!  
Luna, Cheerio, Slick, Stash
and Jack (Left to right,
courtesy of Lorrie Dionne)
Size Large Colorful
Hearts Fleece
Size Medium
Mexican Food
Darling little Blanche is
staying warm in her Bare
Paws Fleece jammies way
down in Australia!
(Courtesy of Netta McKay)
Size Medium
Penguins Fleece
Gandy looks very festive in
his Grinch fleece jammies!
(Courtesy of Alison Hagen)
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Summer Pajamas
Size Large Red
Roses Fleece-
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Size Large I Love
Mommy I Love
Daddy Fleece