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Nikki and Troll Before:
Nikki After:
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                                             FLEA PREVENTATIVE

Commercial preventatives can be very dangerous.  Please visit this link to read postings
of dogs that have had serious health problems and worse from using commercial topical
flea & tick preventatives:
Flea and Tick Preventative Dangers    Please consider using
the easy-to-make, all-natural  preventative below (or check your local pet store for all
natural preventatives made with essential oils).  It is safe and can be used on both dogs
and people.  If your dog has fleas, bathing in either baby shampoo or Dawn dish soap
will kill the fleas, so please don't use harsh commercial chemical products.

Natural flea preventative

Use either 2 cups of grape seed oil or 2 cups of water as the base.  If using the grape
seed oil, you can rub it on the inside of the dog’s collar and use it just like a flea collar.  If
using the water, place the mixture in a spray bottle and lightly spray the dog’s coat or
skin.  The spray is also safe for use on humans.

To either the oil or the water, add 20 drops of citronella oil, and 20 drops of any TWO of
the following oils (for a total of 60 drops):
Peppermint,  lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, eucalyptus or lavender.

Mix and apply-safe and natural, and smells great, too!
Last updated on 11/2/18
Just a few of the dogs that came from a hoarder
situation in Houston and are now living happy lives:
Involving children in volunteer work is a wonderful way to develop their sense of compassion and caring
toward others.  A wonderful lady named Lolita Bowen contacted us and offered to make fleece coats to
donate to the foster dogs in our care, which we are thrilled to receive from her on a regular basis.  Her
children wanted to find some way to make a difference for these little ones as well.  They spent a great
deal of time making little frames for each foster dog's picture to go in, as well as the wonderful projects
below.  We were very impressed by their commitment and very appreciative of all their hard work.  Many
thanks to Cam, Noelle and Becca Bowen, and their mom Lolita for teaching them the importance of
helping others and making a difference in the world!
Report on Chinese Cresteds by Becca, Age 11
Drawing of Poppy by Noelle, Age 15
Unlike some rescues, Bare Paws takes in every dog in need that we
are able to, regardless of what they may require.  While some
rescues will only accept young, healthy, easily adoptable dogs,
Bare Paws has never turned away a dog because of medical
conditions.  At right is Zola, who is an older girl, diabetic and
requiring daily insulin shots.  She is also nearly blind, but we did
not hesitate to take her.  But the veterinary costs for all the special
needs dogs we take in can be astronomical, so donations are
always desperately needed and greatly appreciated.  Please use
the Paypal link below to make a donation to help Zola and the many
other special needs dogs in our care.  Below are just a few of the
other special needs kids we are currently helping.Thank you!!
Duchess came in heartworm positive and with
a huge mammary tumor. Being elderly, she
had a bad reaction to the heartworm
treatment & had to be hospitalized for over a
week. Between the surgery and treatment,
her bills were nearly $1000.00.
Rosie arrived with cherry eye which needed
surgery.  One of her puppies also developed the
condition.  Their tally was over $1500.
Odie had a cyst on his back and a
lump in his abdominal area which
both required surgery (both were
thankfully benign).  He is as good as
new now, but his bills were over
$1200.  So you can see that helping
special needs dogs is so rewarding
but requires a lot of funds!
Zola needed daily insulin, and
because she was an older gal,
she was with us for a very long
time.  Bills add up over time.
Snowy was heartworm positive when
she came to us from down south.  After
undergoing heartworm treatment, we
are delighted that she is heartworm
free, but her treatment was very
Houston hoarder situation (see bottom of page). She was
adopted by an elderly lady, and although the lady's kids
promised to give her a forever home if the lady could no
longer care for her, they returned her to us when their mom
back!  Look at that smile!  Her foster family fell in love with
her happy, comical personality immediately and adopted her.  
Her foster mom writes:

It did not take long to see the real Ellie.  She has the most
beautiful smile.  When we walk in the room she greets us with
an excited dance-yes a dance! Coming in our direction so
eager to play or roll over for a beloved belly rub.  She has a
new best friend.  She cuddles with one of our hairless dogs
in a dog bed positioned up on the futon under the window so
they can watch the world and the birds in the trees outside.  
She continues to smile!  At night she shares the pillow with
my daughter.  Sometimes she takes a trip to the barn where
my daughter works and again does her happy dance.  She is
showered with attention from everyone there who thinks she
is just the coolest dog ever.  We are so thankful she came
into our lives.  Ellie is in her forever home.
**Update 11/2/18:  Fozzie had his remaining eye removed this
past spring. He has adjusted beautifully!  He had already lost his
vision anyway, and now he is like a puppy again!  No more
stinging drops in his eye 3x a day, no more anti-inflammatory
meds. He is a happy, playful boy who doesn't miss his vision at
all! (Picture on right is Batman Fozzie on Halloween!)

We are sad to report that Fozzie (formerly Phedro) is going to
lose the sight in his remaining eye.  He came to Bare Paws 2
years ago from All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico.  His former owner
asked that he be put to sleep when his lens luxated out of his
eye.  Instead, the vet's office removed his eye and turned him
over to rescue.  He was adopted by his foster parents once
arriving in the US.  Unfortunately, his other lens luxated last
summer, but they were able to save the eye.  Despite multiple
meds several times daily, the latest report is that his vision is
nearly gone in the eye and he will be blind soon. His foster family
started a "bucket list" for him of fun things to do while he still has
his vision, so that he may fill his imagination up with all kinds of
memories to picture once he can no longer see them for himself.  
Whether blind or not, his life thankfully did not end down in
Puerto Rico, so every day is a blessing.
detailed information about this wonderful breed!