The "Seven Email" Rescue Story
In 2008, a family in Tucson, AZ, signed the Bare Paws Rescue Guest Book.  Little did they know
that less than 2 years later, it would result in them being involved in a rescue story of their
own.  Their fateful story is best told in the email form to follow how it unfolded (it's long, but
well worth the time to read it!).  Read on:
Email 1:
Hi, I have adopted a Chinese Crested 2 year old female that I adopted in November 2009.  Unfortunately, things happened in our
life and we can't keep the dog anymore-it will be unfair to the dog. I just want a good home for this rescued dog.  On your "Guest
Book" I read a note from the Class family from Tucson, AZ and their story about rescuing their Chinese Crested female in 2008. I
also live in Tucson AZ, and I was thinking if this family would like to meet my Chinese Crested named Jing-Jing (means "twinkle
star" in Chinese), and see if their pet Miss Julia would like a sister. I like how they wrote:  "Miss Julia has been a wonderful
addition to our family.  It takes a lot of  patience and lots of love to bring out the gentle side of a traumatized dog but we would do
it again. We hope all rescue dogs can find loving homes".  Please if you would be so kind to contact the Class family and let me
My name is Ileana Marin.

(Note from Bare Paws:  We only cover the Eastern US, so we could not take Jing-Jing into our rescue directly)

Email 2:

Hi Ileana,
I have been searching my inbox for their email address, but unfortunately it has been deleted since it was so long ago.   I'm
disappointed, because I would have been happy to forward your email to them.  Would you like me to contact some other
rescues to try and help?  Thank you for caring so much about what happens to her.  Let me know if you would like me to work on
finding a rescue for her.
Warm regards,
Sue Hankard
Bare Paws Rescue

Email 3:

Dear Sue, You will not believe this, this is better and bigger than "Sleepless in Seattle"!!!  After I answered your e-mail, I decided
to look in the White pages to all the listings under the name Class, and I called them.  One did not answered, the other one I got a
machine, but the third one was Miss Julia's owner!!!. I told them the story about my search and reading their note at the Bare
Paws Rescue Guest list, and we ended up talking for one hour on the phone. Then, the lady and her daughter agreed to meet us,
me and Jing-Jing, at a park. They brought their dog, and Miss Julia and Jing-Jing were very content with each other. Jing-Jing
and the Class' daughter fell in love with each other, and also she sat very comfy in Mrs. Class's lap.  So, as I am writing this note
to you, Jing-Jing is at the Class family's house!!!! They are going to see how their new Labrador is going to act with Jing-Jing, and
if everything will go OK they are going to keep her.  Mrs. Class and I both think that this " is a sign", "it's meant to be" because
it's hard to believe what just happened! From their note they wrote to a rescue group website that they found on line 2 years ago,
to my search and your answer to my e-mail, from my commitment to call all Class families in Tucson AZ to the fact that it was
"love at first sight" today in the park. I hope this will be a story with a happy ending-the Lab will behave and the Class family will
decide to keep Jing-Jing. So all of this happened today on Valentine's Day and Chinese New year (speaking about Chinese
Crested dogs...) Sue, I am so grateful for all your help, I will keep you posted with our story. All of this happened so fast, my head
is still spinning...

Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy Chinese New Year!

Email 4:

Ileana, I can't believe it!!!!!!  This is so incredibly amazing!!  I am absolutely astounded.  Please, please do keep me posted!  Labs
are usually pretty low key, and I bet Miss Julia would love a little Crestie friend, so we have
every finger and paw crossed here.  I cannot wait to hear an update that they have adopted her and she is full of
joy!!!   Ileana, I am so happy right now!  This absolutely has to be fate or whatever you want to call it.  Whatever you call it, it is SO

Email 5:

Dear Sue,  I just talked to Mrs Class after having Jing-Jing for about 24 hours. The report sounds just great:
Jing-Jing slept in bed with her daughter; she just adores the dog and vice versa. This morning all 3 dogs were together in the
Class's back yard, doing great with each other. The Lab wants to play with Jing-Jing, but she is still a little shy, but NOT scared.
Miss Julia does have some health issues, physically and emotionally, and yes, I do believe that another Crested companion
would be good for her, even if Miss Julia has hair and JingJing is hairless. Mr Class and son also like Jing Jing, and she is not
afraid of them, or barking at them (she had this habit when I adopted her, no man could come close to her- perhaps she was
abused by one?)  Mrs Class said that so far so good, and in few days we will know if they are going to call Jing-Jing their new
family addition. Oh Sue, I am so  thankful for your website... and for your concern,... there are no words to express my feelings... I
still can't believe what is happening... I definitely will keep you informed with JingJing's story.  Mrs. Class said she will write to
too. I will let you know soon!!!
Thanks a million,

Email 6:

I can hardly believe it either, Ileana!  The fact that she has fit in so well, so fast, is definitely a sign!  It can sometimes take 2-3
weeks for everyone to get along well, so I think this is a great thing!  I am SO excited!!  I hope that once it is official (and I really
think it will be...), I hope you will write a little something for our "Happy Endings" page, because
this is just an amazing story!!  I can't wait to hear that it has been finalized.  Keep me posted!  All I have to say is-this made my


And finally, email 7:

Hi Sue,

I am happy and proud to announce that Jing-Jing is the new addition to the Class family!  Not even a week ago I was writing to a
rescue place I found on the Internet a request for a possible new home for our doggie. I had little expectations that someone will
answer back, but I really hoped to.  Well, you did answer, and what happened next is all explained below. In 7 e-mails, including
this one, a "Happy-ending canine story" was written. It's amazing what happened, when you read them one by one, from my first
SOS crying call to today's message.

I hope that Mrs. Class will also write you to share her experience with their new Crested.
Today we talked and she let me know that they are keeping Jing-Jing forever. Everyone likes her, the Labrador is somewhat
jealous, they both want total human attention 24/7, but she is working on it. Toward the end of our conversation, someone came
by their door and the Lab starting barking and then I heard Jing-Jing joining in barking along with the Lab, protecting her new
family. When I heard her, I immediately knew that she is where she is meant to be, happily where she actually belongs.

No matter how we name this story, " Jing-Jing the Chinese Crested Valentine's Day story", or " What happened to a Chinese
crested on Chinese New Year's Day", I have to admit that this is more than finding a good home for a dog story. For me it's a life
lesson. This  life experience taught me the following:

- to follow my instincts, even if they do not make sense at that point in time. Always listen to your inner voice
- we are all interconnected, people and animals
- we are all spiritual beings, people and animals
- there are no accidents or coincidences
- always help someone in need, person and especially an animal
- when you help, do it from the heart, because good intentions open closed doors when you least expect it
- you might not be the destination, but you might be the vehicle to that destination
- never give up

Sue, I will always treasure this experience and I do believe you already know that all of this could not take place without your
part. Your hard work and big heart made this possible.  We will keep in touch. Thank you for all of your support and kindness.
Thank you for being there when a few desperate humans and a gentle hairless Crested needed you the most! Keep up the great
and heavenly work, it's priceless!