Donations may also be
mailed to:
Bare Paws Rescue
PO Box 7193
Gilford, NH  03247
How You Can Help

Bare Paws Rescue provides all necessary veterinary care for each rescue
dog, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing and
preventative, as well as any surgery and medications that may be needed.  
Our adoption fees do not come close to covering our veterinary bills, so
donations are always extremely appreciated, and any amount is of great help.
Donate safely and easily with Paypal:
Foster homes are always needed.  Without places for the dogs to go, we can't take
them into rescue.  We cover the Eastern US, so if you live in the east and want to
help this lovely little breed, please apply today!  There is nothing more rewarding
than watching a dog who has known no joy blossom into a happy, confident
animal who looks forward to each new day.  
Even if you can't foster, there are still many ways that you can help, such as:

-Screening adoption applications
-Transporting rescue dogs
-Helping with fundraising
-Doing home visits
-Being a contact for shelters in your area
-Educating the public, and much more

**Please note, in order to foster, all dogs in the home must be spayed or
neutered, up to date on core vaccinations and on heartworm preventative
If you love Chinese Cresteds, or dogs in general, and want to make a difference, please
submit a volunteer application today.  You'll be glad you did, and so will the dogs!
Volunteer Application
Another great way to help is to choose something from our wish list to
foster dogs and the rescue, and we are so grateful whenever anyone
chooses to donate something from our list:

Postage Stamps

Gft Cards of any kind, as they are always big sellers in our auctions

Petco or Petsmart gift cards for dog supplies

Fleece fabric in one-yard or larger cuts for our pajamas

Canon ink cartridges-size 63

Dog harnesses in small or medium sizes/leashes

Medium sized padded shipping envelopes

All donations may be mailed to Bare Paws Rescue
                                              PO Box 7193
                                              Gilford, NH  03247

Thank you!!