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Elkhart, IN
You are wonderful caring people for what you do. So many
animals are abused and they can't ask for help.
Rodhe M. Acosta
East Hartford, CT
Chinese Cresteds are wonderful pets and amazing to own.  
I own 2 and just adore them.  This is a great organization
that does wonderful work to help these little people that
cannot speak.  Please spread the word and help, you won't
regret it.  They are an amazing breed and totally devoted to
their owners.
Baton Rouge, LA
To know a Crested is to love one.... There is no other dog
that can compare with them...they own their humans like no
other breed...Here's to Tiki, Lexi & Little Man...
May all Crested parents feel the love that we do....
Joyce Enlow
I recently ordered some of the T Shirt pajamas from our
wonderful member who so graciously donates her time and
materials to our rescue.  I love them.  They are soft, cute,
and fit my boy who needs constant coverage due to skin
issues with sun exposure.  He's hard to fit but these are
perfect.  I'll be getting more when you have some in his
size with something cute on them.  I just love them.  
Thanks for your time and effort.
Mountain Home, ID
This is a truly wonderful site, and kudos to my dear friend
Sue, and all the wonderful people involved with this
rescue organization.  I know and love Amy Hankard and her
sisters, and cannot say how beautiful she is, and what a
wonderful beginning she had when she found her loving
and forever home.  Adopting is a wonderful solution for
Missy Odsather
Fairbanks, AK
Horrible story behind him - Our new friend Elizabeth
Williams was driving to the training center in Anchorage,
Alaska and an elderly man was waving his arms at her on
the side of the road so she stopped. He was walking his
little dog along the road and heard crying - he went to see
and in the bushes was a matted ball of white that was all
stuck around a rose bush and pinned to the ground. He
couldn't get him loose - So she had scissors in the truck
and got him loose. He looked like something from the
Animal Planet Cops shows - hard, crusted, years worth of
matting all over him. She took him to the vet - it looked like
one of his legs was so matted he couldn't put it down. She
had to leave him there to go teach class but asked them to
check him out and shave him. When they shaved him they
found that he was actually missing a leg (it was a hard ball
of hair that felt like a leg). They shaved it all off in one large
mat. They pulled two bad teeth.  She couldn't keep him so
through a mutual friend we adopted him. He is hilarious! He
only weighs in at 8 lbs. but can hold his own ground with
our two mini schnauzers. He does need help off the deck
to do his outside business but that is about it. We are
thrilled to give him a warm, loving forever home. I believe
he is a powder puff, can't wait to see what he looks like
when his hair grows out! Thanks for a great web site! It has
been a true educational tool for my family!
New York, NY
I enjoyed reading and learning about the Chinese Crested
puppies. They are adorable. It's great what you're doing for
them. Wish you lots of luck.
Debbie Evans
Glen Mills, PA
Hello! I recently adopted a beautiful hairy hairless little girl.
I never thought I would love another dog like my
chihuahua who passed away in August but I always knew I
wanted another little dog ( we have 2 other dogs but they
are too rough and tough to be my baby!) Anyway, Bonnie
was sent to us from Heaven! She is adorable and fun and
even house trained! I love watching her joy of life and
seeing how she walks across a room on her back legs. I
hope someday to be able to help Crested rescues and
foster. Thanks for taking care of these little angels!
Hernshaw, WV
What a wonderful site! I would love to have opportunity to
foster Chinese Crested's.  I have my lil' Lexy...the light of
my life. She's is 7 yrs old and my best of friends. My
daughter  brought her to me when Lexy was only 6 weeks
old. I can't even imagine her not being in my life, she has
been such a blessing to me. It breaks my heart and brings
me to tears just to think what these little fellows have had
to endure. Thanks to all of you who help these babies!
Judy Welton
Carlsbad, NM
Your dogs are absolutely adorable!!  I have looked at many,
many dog adoption sites on line and yours is one of the
best as far as providing nice pictures and information on
the dogs.  I notice that your info says that you cover the
eastern US only.  Does that mean you won't consider a
person who lives in another part of the country as a
possible adopter?  Thanks and I really enjoyed looking at
your dogs.
We adopted Kilee a little more then a year ago and want to
tell you it was the best thing we ever did.  I can't imagine
my life without her.  Thank you so much.
Karen Favors Parker
Coldwater, MS
I ordered 2 pair of PJ's for my girls, Bonnie Blue is a two
year old Yorkie and Isabella is a 3 (or so) year old Shih tzu
who was a foundling and who owns my heart. Your dogs
are so cute. Hope they all find fantastic homes!
Doris A. Jordan
Memphis, TN
Very nice website.  Thanks for your attention and care to
these pets!
Wiesbaden, Germany
Love your website!  Your pics of the available dogs are
great!  Thanks for loving this wonderfully unique breed of
Jenece Poree
Arcata, CA
Met my first Chinese Crested recently-a very healthy
puppy.  I am enchanted...I would like to foster a rescue
adult.  I live in N. CA near the OR border.  I have a nursing
and horsey background (have owned a 25 year old Arabian
since he was a yearling.  He is one of my very best friends
forever).  A little dog in need of rehab would suit me just
fine as I have skills in that area.  Thank you!
Lisa Taylor
St. Simons, GA
Love these beauties!!
Tracy Ann
Western Cape, South Africa
A lovely site.  Chinese Crested dog is a true friend. I have
suffered with depression and my Crested never lets me
get away without a laugh.
Newport, Maine
Thank you for all the info on this site and hopefully my new
friend.  It'll be great therapy as I am home 99% of the time
and am lonely. I've got lots of love to give.  Think you guys
are great.
Mickey Finn
Nashua, NH
I have absolutely fallen in love with Chinese Cresteds.  I
lost my first 2 yrs. ago (passed from intestinal lymphoma
despite exhaustive veterinary care) and I will always miss
him. I now have 2 male Chinese Hairless Cresteds, 1 from a
Breeder, the other a recent Rescue. I cannot imagine life
without them. I am most concerned about the number of
"wanna-be" breeders that are endangering this loving
breed and the growing number of them that need forever
homes. God Bless you for your tremendous dedication.
Would love to help out!!!
Debbie Dessalles
Tucson, AZ
I am looking for a loving Crested to change the life of
myself, husband and 3 other small to mid-size dogs.  I
believe this breed is full of love, spunk, smarts and the
need of a good home.
Victoria Tripaldi
Portland, ME
Looking for adult dog 3 to 7 years prefer male or female for
my mom. I am an owner of a 7 year old powderpuff and a 4
year old hairless, think my mom would prefer a powder puff
or hairy hairless
Margaret Neese
Lexington, NC
Beautiful website.  I look forward to supporting your
Chris & Ramona Duval
We are so THANKFUL to Bare Paws Rescue for giving us
the opportunity to adopt our little AddyMae! She is the
sweetest little Crested, and we absolutely adore her. We
are thankful each and every day that this little Angel fell
into our lives, and we cannot imagine a day without her in
our lives. AddyMae is a true treasure! Bare Paws Rescue,
you are doing a fantastic job, and please keep up the kind,
wonderful work you are doing to help these little Angels
Frank Hernandez
Ventura, CA
Victoria V.
Hurricane, UT
Just found your website through a friend at Redlands
Crested.  Your site is beautifully done. Enjoy all the photos.
I will be sharing this site with all my friends. I adopted my
little hairless Lily almost 2 years ago.  She is 7 years young
and my first dog.  What joy she provides.  An older dog was
just perfect for me.  And we couldn't love each other more.
Zelda Stewart
Winters, TX
You are some special people and I applaud you. I do
private rescue from my home, I have rescued 6 CC so far
and am picking up 4 more this weekend. I started with
Danes and Boxers but through the years you learn Rescue
is Rescue and you take the ones you can handle so now it
is Yorks, Min Pin, and CC. GOD Bless ALL of you for what
you do
Brooklyn, NY
Your website is wonderful!  It's so nice that you rescue
these beautiful dogs.  Also, your fleece pajamas are
darling.  I just purchased a second pair for my dog.
Karl Skinner
Marlboro, MA
What you do is wonderful-congrats.  Thumbelina has stolen
my heart.  If she is up for adoption please let me know.  I
think we would be a good match.
Linda Gehrken
Banning, CA
I love your site and the great work you are doing.  I have a
hairless Chinese Crested and they are the most
affectionate little guys.  Love him. Good luck to you, I'm
spreading the word about your organization!
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