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Smyrna, GA
What a wonderful website for a 'pawsome' rescue
organization. Continued success in finding and
rehoming those little ones in need.
St. Louis, MO
Thank you for all that you do!
Carolyn Di Nitto
Sanbornton, NH
We rescued two abused dogs and I can't imagine why
someone would hurt such loving animals.  Thank God
for people like you.  Keep up the good work.
New York City
Thank you for caring for these animals!
James Meiskin
New York, NY
I am so happy that little Mojo has found the best home
in the world with his new mom Olivia.  They are truly  
made for one another and if it was not for the  grace of  
God, Susan, Linda, and Bare Paws Rescue this would
not have been possible. As I have said before to both  
Susan and Linda (from Bare Paws),I believe without a
shadow of a doubt that two lives were saved in here. I
also hope to adopt a Crested at some point in the
future, but in the meantime I will always be grateful for
what this organization and its people have done for
Mojo and Olivia.  With best wishes always, James
Brooke Devine
St. Louis, MO
Love your site, I recently adopted a female Crested
from the Missouri Humane Society. They said they
rescued her- but didn't offer much more info on her
past. She has the most amazing personality- that
comes out more everyday. She is gaining much
needed weight, and confidence, everything is new to
her from toys and chews- even cell phones- her new
favorite thing is riding through the drive-thru line and
going to the local pet store where she is the center of
attention. Best of all she finally has a name- it took her
two years to get it- and 2 days to learn it. Her name is
"Monkey"- she has reddish hair just like a little monkey.
There is no hair on her tail, ears or feet, but in time I
hope it will grow along with her new life.
Class Family
Tucson, AZ
Our family adopted a rescue chinese crested summer
of 08 from a puppy mill.  Miss Julia has been a
wonderful addition to our family.  It takes a lot of
patience and lots of love to bring out the gentle side of
a traumatized dog but we would do it again.  We hope
all rescue dogs can find loving homes.  Good luck with
your efforts.
Smyrna, GA
Hi Bare Paws and other animal lovers. All of you who
adopt and/or support rescue in other ways, you rock! It
is important that we, as human beings, watch out for
and protect those who cannot speak for themselves.   
Debbeyjean Moser
Burlington Township, NJ
I am from BCARN..I do English and French Bulldog
rescue..I did not realize the millers where also breeding
Chi-Crests..damn shame..If I can be of any help please
let me know..If I can, I will..I was an ER vet 54
and try to help..
Lisa Stevenson
Largo, FL
I adopted my CC 1 1/2 years ago from a wonderful
person who was moving and unable to take him. He
came with the name Clyde but he's super special so I
gave him the name Clyde Henrey. He has brought a
great deal of love and happiness into my life. I enjoy
him so much that i just joined Bare Paws Rescue as a
volunteer. I can't wait until my first foster or my next CC.
8 )))  What a wonderful group!!  Lisa
Sanborton, NH
I just love your web page.  One little guy looks like he is
winking.  I love to read the success stories, keep up the
good work.
Geoffrey Walston
Smyrna, GA
Hello Miss Sue: I just wanted to say hello and thank you
for posting pictures of me and my cousin Pony Boy. I
also want to say thank you from all rescue dogs. Those
who have been saved, and those that are still waiting.
Sniffs and kisses to you and all of your helpers and
foster parents. Keep up the great work! Your friend,
Christie Faella
Holderness, NH
What a wonderful site!  I hope I can foster and help out.
Gilford, NH
Proud owner of a 4 year old female hairless CC named
ASIA, she is a love and so intelligent!! I would be
interested in adopting a young friend for her.
Plainfield, NH
Looking forward to the day i adopt my own powderpuff,
my rescue chi/pom Allie is waiting for a buddy!  
Everything I read about CCs is great...I ALMOST
bought one from a pet store a few years back, but did
not want to support puppy mills...broke my heart not to
take her home with me (that store no longer sells pets,
YAY!) The picture of the two in the bathtub reminds me
of the old cartoon, Ren & Stimpy...TOO CUTE!!!  
thanks for the work you do.
Smyna, GA
I was very sad to hear about little Elvis crossing the
Bridge so suddenly. I hope everyone with a pet will hug
or pet them and think of Elvis and all the other animals
still living in the hell of a puppy mill or a hoarder
situation. Please support animal rescue, and don't let
another little light be extinguished prematurely.
Sondra Cannady
Crestview, FL
(*Note from Bare Paws Rescue-a HUGE thank you to
Sondra for driving Edgar a very long distance so that
he could get to his foster home.  Thanks to her help,
he beat his heartworm disease and is ready to start a
new happy life.  Thank you, Sondra-we are so grateful!)
I saw the pictures of Edgar and read the stories of the
little ones that are available and those with happy
endings and of course it made me cry.  I'm so glad that
I could be apart of Edgars rescue.  I get asked a lot
about the transport I was a part of when they see the
pictures of him.
Eric M. Helms
Cornelius, NC
Thank God for organizations such as yours.  Without
them, these dogs would have no help whatsoever!  
This is my first time visiting your site and I think it is just
wonderful!  Keep up the good work!!!  I have a hairless
Chinese Crested dog named Yoshi.  He is my best
friend and my life.  When my wife died 3 years ago,
Yoshi was 2 and he was there for me!  He really got me
through her death. My children are grown, so he is my
child now!  If someone offered me a million dollars for
him, I would not take it, and I am not rich.  Having Yoshi
makes me the richest person in the world.
Teresa Freedman
Fayetteville, NC
Just beautiful
Bonnie McGee
Birmingham, AL
I have two HL Chinese Cresteds that were given to me
when I worked in vets offices and I LOVE them so
much. I also have a Poodle and a Chorky as well. All of
them are around 10 lbs or less.  I have three cats as
well and they ALL get along great!  I think the cresteds
are the most lovable and adorable dogs that have ever
owned me.  
Valerie Kennedy
Peterborugh, Ontario, Canada
Hi I am an owner of a handsome 3 year old male Kemo.
He is the light of my life. I can not imagine how any one
could give up such a loving breed. Thank you for all
you do. I am looking for a friend for Kemo, his buddy
Myth (Boxer/rotty) passed away. I would like to find a
new friend for Kemo another Chinese Crested.
Tish Hively
St. Helena, CA
I have a 4 year old Crested/Poodle mix.   I have fallen
in love with my "Miss Dolly"  and the Chinese Crested
Breed.  Am thinking of enlarging my family and am
looking for the 1st time.....I want them all!!!.......Bravo
for the Work you are doing!!!
Hialeah, FL
I recently rescued a little chinese crested/chihuahua
mix, he is 6 lbs of pure love. Thanks for being my
inspiration in helping abused animals get a second
I recently had to surrender my 2 CCs to Bare Paws
because of life changes.  They were so good to me!  
Very understanding of what a difficult decision it was to
give them up.  Thanks for all the good work you do
helping these wonderful little dogs!
Crystal F.
Eugene, OR
Just wanted to tell everyone that the people who work
for this rescue are amazing.  I rescued a Chinese
Crested hairless dog (from a local Oregon rescue), but
did not know much about the breed - other then they
are absolutely beautiful!  (My veterinarian hadn't even
seen a CCH before!) I was having skin issues with my
little one, and tried to contact several west coast
rescues, with no reply.  I tried (as a last resort, since
the East Coast is so far away) to contact Bare Paws
Rescue, and I barely had to wait for a reply.  Sue
contacted me right away, and gave me some excellent
advice on how to handle the skin issues that my dog
was having.  She was not judgemental about me
adopting my dog from a west coast rescue - she was
just so happy that I rescued my dog, regardless of
where he came from.  I thank your rescue so much for
all of the work you do, and I am thankful for the advice
you have given me about the breed.  It is apparent that
your organization really cares for these little ones, and
you all have HUGE hearts!  Thank you, thank you,
thank you!
Jeritta and Jeff Lawrence
Tinity, NC
We have an adopted/rescued crested mix. He is very
sweet and we can't imagine a house without cresteds
now. Keep doing good work to save the cresteds.
Malinda Potier
Norfolk, VA
Great job Love your organization. I have purchased the
pajamas and they are great. My dogs just love them.
Linda P.
Anchorage, Alaska
I just read Moses' story.  It made me cry and then smile
to see such a happy ending.  We got a rescue Powder
Puff and she is the love of our lives.  We've been
through many trials, including cancer treatment, but
our little family is strong and committed.  I do so
appreciate all that organizations like yours do.   thank
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