Available Dogs
Chin Chin (aka Peanut)
Look how pretty little Fantasia is!  She is a lovely, very
sweet hairless girl.  We suspect she is younger than 10
(could be around 7 or so given her playful behavior).  She
will need another young playful dog to keep her active as
she and Turbo became BFF's and her playful personality
has really emerged around other dogs.  She seems to
prefer the boy dogs for company but likely would do fine
with either sex.  She is protective of her space when she is
laying down or sleeping-she will growl but doesn't snap at
all, but for that reason she needs a home with no young
kids to startle her. She is becoming interested in toys,
throwing them around and up in the air.  She is a very vocal
girl and has a sort of sing song howl (the Crestie song!).  
She will vocalize when she wants something or when she
isn't getting what she wants. She is very interested in her
surroundings and will sit and watch things, trying to figure
them out.  She does pretty well on leash and loves being in
a stroller, being quiet and just observing. She is very social
as long as people are respectful of how they approach her
and don't frighten her.  She is food motivated and loves to
eat.  She is working on her house training and will need to
be taken out on a regular schedule. This little gem is so
excited to find her perfect forever home!
(Fantasia is being fostered in Western PA)
(Adoption Pending)
We are no longer accepting applications for Moxie.
Moxie is a delightful little 2 year old powderpuff girl
who has just arrived. She is starting to settle in and
we will be evaluating her as we see more of her
personality emerge.  She also needs to be spayed
and vetted before she will be available for
adoption, so please check back soon!
(Moxie is being fostered in NJ)
(Adoption Pending)
Little Chin, aka Nutter Butter/Peanut, just wants
love and to be cuddled. His personality is still
emerging as he is finally feeling good now that he
has been neutered, rotted teeth taken out and got
his stitches out and cone off.  He likes to explore
the yard, watering most everything in his path! We
think he may have the beginning of cataracts as he
does seem to lose his bearings sometimes in the
yard but will follow your voice nicely to get
reacclimmated.  He does walk with a limp and favors
his right leg.  While the vet did not see any limited
range of motion and no pain reaction when
manipulated, he does limp, likely due to an injury of
some sort in his past. He has gotten much better at
the steps but he can't jump up and you can't let him
jump down from anything so that he doesn't do
further damage to his little legs. He had not barked
at all until just a few days ago and he seems to bark
when he thinks he hears something from which you
must be protected!  Doesn't really show much
interest in the other dogs so far but that could
change now that he is feeling so good. He is small
at just 8 lbs and is around 10-11 years old. He is
working on his house training and will need to
continue learning at his forever home. He would
love a home where he has someone around to
cuddle with him and treat him like the little treasure
that he is.  If you are interested in this sweet little
powderpuff boy, please put in an application.  They
don't come much sweeter!
(Chin Chin is being fostered in western PA)