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Zoey has been adopted!
Shelby & Simon
(Adoption Pending)
Shelby and Simon are the sweetest bonded pair! They
were surrendered to animal control in SC and have come
north looking for a perfect home! Shelby is a 15 lb Chinese
Crested and Simon is her 12 lb Xolo little brother. They are
both approximately 9 years young and very hairless!
Shelby is the more outgoing of the two but Simon really
opens up once he feels comfortable. Shelby watches out
for him, comforts him, and kisses him any chance she can
get! They are both extremely affectionate and can’t wait to
greet you at the door with wagging tails and kisses. They
really enjoy running around the fenced in yard at their
foster home and playing with the other dogs. They seem to
get along with everyone, even cats! Due so Simon's
delicate nature, a home with no small children is needed.
They are potty trained, and well behaved inside the house.
They are generally quiet but Shelby will let out a few barks
when she is excited. They appreciate a nice warm bed
snuggled up together and are more than happy to cuddle
with you on the couch! Everyone who meets these two
falls in LOVE!!
(Please note-Shelby and Simon will only be adopted as a
pair, so please don't ask to adopt just one of them. It would
break their hearts to be separated so we won't do it)
(Shelby and Simon are being fostered in New England)
Puki and Pepito
Puki and Pepito are two loving, gentle souls.  They are mother and
son and watch out for each other all the time. They are extremely
bonded and MUST be adopted together. They get very upset when
separated. Puki, as the mom, is particularly watchful of Pepito and
will bark at things she considers a threat, including cats, but she is
not aggressive in any way.  She seems to be just warning them off
and protecting her son.  Pepito on the other hand is fearless and
interested in everything.  They are housetrained and are good
eaters. Puki enjoys being in her bed and cuddling with her
human.  Both she and Pepito will roll onto their backs for belly
rubs and stay there all day if you let them. Puki's skin and hair is
jet black and very soft.  Pepito has the cutest hairless tail you have
ever seen and it is always wagging. At 12 and 9, you would expect
that they might be slowing down but this is not the case.  In their
foster home, they are coming out of their shells and especially
Pepito tries to engage the resident dog in playing with toys.  They
are curious and love to explore their surroundings.  They are
extremely sweet and love being with people.  They are good
walkers on a leash and like to explore the outdoors, both on leash
and in the fenced yard. They have limited teeth and this makes
Puki's tongue stick out to the side, only adding to her overall
adorable look. Their ideal home would be someone who pays
them a lot of attention. They want to be with their people as much
as possible, so they would be great dogs for someone who works
from home and/or can take them to work. Due to their small sizes
(Pepito is just 4 pounds!), a home with no young children is
required.  They are quirky and funny and full of personality.  They
are just waiting to show the right person their complete devotion.
(Puki and Pepito are being fostered in eastern Florida)
(Above 2 photos courtesy of Angie Kerins Photography)
(Above 2 photos courtesy of Angie Kerins Photography)
Angie Kerins generously donates her time and wonderful talent to
photographing rescue dogs to help them get adopted.  We are most
appreciative of her beautiful renditions of Puki and Pepito!