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Little Boy
Little Boy is a sweet little 8 year old
powderpuff boy.  He is very shy and was
turned over to us when the toddler in his
former home was making him nervous and
afraid, so he cannot go to a home with young
children. He loves cuddling in laps once he
gets to know you.  He gets along fine with
other small dogs. He is looking for a quiet
home where he can just be your cuddle
buddy without being afraid of too much
commotion.  If you think this sweet baby is
the boy for you, please fill out an application!
(Little Boy is being fostered in western PA)
Shelby & Simon
Meet Guppy! He is an adorable hairless male that is just a
baby at 1.5 years old. This little man loves being cuddled
and offered a warm spot in the couch. He does enjoy
playing with other small dogs, but is timid at first. Guppy
has been doing GREAT at potty training and will gladly go
outside when taken out consistently. He is a taller guy and
about 15 pounds. He adores his warm jammies and
squeaky toys. New noises and sounds put him on alert,
but he is learning quickly what the 'normal' sounds are.
Guppy would ideally like a home where he isn't left alone
for long periods, a fenced in yard is a must
(sorry, no
, and where he has another small-sized pup to
romp with. Leash walking is still pretty scary, but with
more practice he'll get there. It is wonderful seeing
him to adjust to the good life of being a part of his
humans' world!
(Guppy is being fostered in Eastern PA)
Shelby (left) and Simon (right) have just
arrived. Shelby is a Crested and Simon is a
Xolo.  They are very bonded at this time.  
Shelby looks out for Simon and comforts
him.  They are currently being evaluated
and will be available for adoption soon, so
please check back for updates.