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Beautiful little Lucy is ready for adoption!  This
charming girl is a Crested/Xolo who is approximately 7
years old and weighs about 8 lbs.  She is a very special
girl. She suffered from chronic ear infections for most
of her life and her former owner couldn't afford to treat
them properly, so she was very miserable. We also
suspect she may have been kept in a wire-bottomed
cage due to the abscesses she had on her paw pads
and tail. Fortunately her owner turned her over to us
and we promptly scheduled surgery for her ears.  She
had double ear canal ablations (removal of both
canals) and is mostly deaf, although the vet suspected
she was mostly deaf before, due to the severity of the
scar tissue in her ears.  She can still hear a bit, as she
knows when her foster moms are calling her. She is a
total mushy little love bug!  She loves every person she
has met and is very affectionate.  She loves sleeping
under the covers with her person-that is a must for
her!  She enjoys getting dressed in her clothes and is
very food motivated. Sometimes she is a little too
enthusiastic about taking treats, so she is working on
learning to take them more gently.  She is also working
on her house training. She will go both outside and on
potty pads and gets it right most of the time, but will
need continued work on that in her forever home. She
gets along well with other low key, gentle dogs. She is
not a fan of dominant, pushy or noisy dogs as they
bring out the Xolo side of her!  She hangs out quietly
on the couch all day while her foster moms work. She
will play with toys a bit, but mostly enjoys just hanging
out and snuggling with her people. She is an absolute
delight!  Due to her small size and enthusiasm for
treats, she needs a home without small children.  
(Lucy is being fostered in western NJ)
Hi everybody! My name is Gilbert, and I am a happy,
healthy, 3 year old Chinese Crested/Xolo. I am a
handsome boy weighing in at 26 lbs. I am a true
Velcro boy with lots of energy and love. I am friendly
to everyone, including children. I get along good with
other dogs
my size (big dogs scare me) and cats. The
things I enjoy most are:  belly rubs, sleeping on your
bed, going for walks and running around outside. A
fenced-in yard would be ideal, but it's not required.
You will just need to make sure I get lots of exercise
and attention. I am house trained-my foster Momma is
impressed because I have not had any accidents in
the house!  I came to rescue because my former
family's circumstances changed and they didn't have
enough time for me.  As a result I became very lonely,
so a home where someone is around a lot is what I'm
dreaming of. They loved me very much and raised me
to be a good boy, so I am hoping to find a place
where I will not be alone much and will be
spoiled-heck, I think I deserve it, don't you? A home
without little kids is required, although older kids are
fine. If you feel that you have the time and love to give
me, I would love to be yours!
(Gilbert is being fostered in eastern P)
Gilbert as a baby!