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Poppi & Winnie
Poppi (left) and Winnie are a sweet pair of hairless
boys. Poppi is a Crested and Winnie is a Xolo mix.
They have been together their whole lives and are
very bonded, so they must be adopted together.
They are a loving, low key little pair.  They like
nothing better than to hang out on the couch or bed
together, or snuggle with their people.  They came
to Bare Paws when their owner became very ill and
was no longer able to care for them. They are
doing well with their house training as long as they
are taken out regularly. Since they were used to
having their person around all the time in their
former home, they would like a forever place where
they are not alone for long periods of time, so a
home where someone is home a lot would be ideal
for them. They are 12 years old but act younger,
and are looking forward to seeing what the future
holds for them!  More pictures coming soon.
(Poppi & Winnie are being fostered in New England)
Zoey is an absolutely delightful little powderpuff girl.  She
is around 7 years old and as you can see, she is quite
beautiful! She is extremely loving and affectionate and
loves nothing more than to be held in your arms.  She is
currently working on a skin issue and will be available for
adoption soon, so please check back!
(Zoey is being fostered in NJ)
Calvin has been adopted!