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Little Boy
Little Boy has just arrived and is currently
being evaluated.  He is a sweet little 8
year old powderpuff boy.  He is very shy
and was turned over to us when the
toddler in his former home was making
him nervous and afraid, so he cannot go
to a home with young children. Please
check back soon for an update!
(Little Boy is being fostered in western PA)
Meet Ollie!  This darling 8 year old boy came to Bare Paws
because his beloved mom is battling cancer and was not able
to care for him.  He is a sweet, charming boy.  He is a hairy
hairless Crested who is friendly and lovable, just a little bit shy.
He was around one woman all of his life, so he needs a chance
to get used to new people, especially men, and he is slowly
getting to like his foster father and brother.
He had an infection in his eye when he was born, which
medication did not help, so the vet removed his eye. He does
just fine with one eye.  It just adds to his charm!  Look at that
adorable underbite, too.  What a face full of character!
He is well behaved and potty trained. He gets along with other
gentle small dogs and cats. He follows his foster mom all
around, so he will need a person who does not mind a
shadow, and someone who is around a lot, as he would not be
happy in a home where his person works full time. He is not a
barker, no sounds out of him yet. He likes to sleep in his crate
at night, so we just leave the door open for him to go in and
out of it.  No closed crates for this well-behaved sweetie!  Ollie
weighs about 18 lbs.  Due to his sensitive nature, a quiet home
with no small kids is needed, although he does enjoy older
respectful kids.  If you want a little guy who just wants to
follow you everywhere, Ollie is the boy for you!
(Ollie is being fostered in southern DE)
Guppy has just arrived and is being evaluated.  
He is an 18 month old, very handsome hairless
boy. Once we have had a chance to learn a little
more about this darling pup, we will post an
update, so please check back!
(Guppy is being fostered in eastern PA)