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Helen and Stanley Roper
We are calling these beautiful pups Mr. and Mrs. Roper
because they are like a little married couple.  They have been
through a terrible ordeal in their lives of abuse and neglect.  
They were found in a burning house and weighed just half of
what they should at 7 lbs each. They have since gained the
weight back and are now a healthy 13 lbs. The third dog they
were rescued with sadly did not survive, which broke our
hearts. They get very upset if they are separated from each
other at all. As such, we will only adopt them together, as they
are so bonded. They are a classic couple, both sweet and
loving and eager to please. Their favorite activities include
playing, sleeping and eating. They are seniors at 10 and 11
years old, just hoping to spend their golden years in the lap of
luxury, being loved and cherished. They are well-mannered
and quickly learned the potty routine. Helen is a little more
outgoing and vocal.  She loves to sit on your lap and give
kisses.  She does have dry eye which requires daily drops but
she does great with it.  She also would not do well in a home
with an alpha dog, as she can be a little possessive and
jealous at times, although she gets along perfectly with
Stanley. Stanley is a little more laid back, quiet, and loves to
just chill. They sleep together in the same bed.  They have
been the perfect house guests. Whoever adopts them will be
lucky to have this wonderful pair in their life!
(The Ropers are being fostered in NY)
Hi Everybody!  I'm Casper, and I'm told that I am a really
wonderful boy! I'm just 3 years old and super sweet.  I lost my
home after the baby came along. That made me pretty sad. I
get very attached to my person, so its important that everyone
in the household takes turns feeding me and walking me, as I
get so attached that I get upset if my chosen person isn't home.  
I get very excited when anyone arrives home.  My foster mom
says it sounds like I'm being murdered LOL! So apartment living
wouldn't be best for me. Something happened to me in the past
that made my hind legs sensitive, so I don't like them being
touched.  For that reason, I need a home with no small kids.  I
get around just fine, but having my legs touched scares me. I
am very smart and food motivated, so I enjoy learning new
things.  Don't leave any food on the counter though, as I am so
smart that i have figured out how to get up there! No people
food at all for me, because my tummy is a little sensitive, but I
do just fine on my regular diet. I am housetrained provided you
take me out regularly.  I will bark at the door when I have to go.
I get along great with every dog I've met so far.  I love to bury
myself in blankets, so be careful when you sit down!
Do I sound like just the boy you've been looking for? Send in an
app or ask about me today!
(Casper is being fostered in New England)
Meet Ollie!  This darling 8 year old boy came to Bare Paws
because his beloved mom is battling cancer and was not able
to care for him.  He is a sweet, charming boy.  He is a hairy
hairless Crested who is friendly and lovable, just a little bit shy.
He was around one woman all of his life, so he needs a chance
to get used to new people, especially men, and he is slowly
getting to like his foster father and brother.
He had an infection in his eye when he was born, which
medication did not help, so the vet removed his eye. He does
just fine with one eye.  It just adds to his charm!  Look at that
adorable underbite, too.  What a face full of character!
He is well behaved and potty trained. He gets along with other
dogs and cats. He follows his foster mom all around, so he will
need a person who does not mind a shadow! He is not a
barker, no sounds out of him yet. He likes to sleep in his crate
at night, so we just leave the door open for him to go in and out
of it.  No closed crates for this well-behaved sweetie!  Ollie
weighs about 18 lbs.  Due to his sensitive nature, a quiet home
with no small kids is needed.  If you want a little guy who just
wants to follow you everywhere, Ollie is the boy for you!
(Ollie is being fostered in northern DE)