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Look at that smile!  Ozzie is a wonderful little hairy
hairless boy.  He is 8 years old and weighs about 13
lbs.  Ozzie was abused in his past, so he needs a quiet,
peaceful home.  He was very scared when he first came
to his foster home.  He was especially afraid of being
outside, and would cower if his foster mom was using
gardening tools. He hid in fear for the first week.  But
once he opened up, his sweet, silly, happy self
emerged.  He loves to do little dances and is playful and
loving.  His forever home needs to be very patient, as
he will take a little while to feel secure and will likely
hide for a bit. For this reason, he cannot go to a home
with children.  It would be too stressful for him.  He
loves other dogs, so a little companion or two would be
perfect for him.  He is a good boy about being groomed
and having his nails done. He is just a sweet, loving,
sensitive boy looking for people who will adore him and
be kind and gentle. He is a very good boy who
deserves all the best that life has to offer!
(Ozzie is being fostered in MS)
Harvey and Barney have been adopted!
Look at this gorgeous pair of Xolo boys! Paks and Zinacan are 8 and 7
years old respectively.  They have been together their whole lives and
must be adopted together.  We will not separate them. They came into
rescue because their former dad was terribly allergic to them.  He tried
everything possible over the years to try and help his health so he
could keep them, including allergy shots, but nothing worked and his
health was suffering. He loved them so much and gave them amazing
lives. Zinacan likes to know where Paks is at all times.  If Paks hasn't
come to bed with him, Zinacan will watch the door intently, waiting for
him to come up.  They are very close.  They are playful boys, loving
toys and play time. They are also very smart.  Zinacan will sit in front of
you and whine softly if he needs to go out, or to remind you that it's
dinner time.  They both have very loving personalities.  Paks is the
more shy of the two, while Zinacan is the more outgoing one. Being
Xolos, they take some time to warm up to new people, but once they
do, they love being by your side all the time.  They absolutely love
lazing in the any spot of sun they can find. If you have a fireplace,
that's a bonus, as they love warming up next to one in cool weather.
And they are good sleepers, cuddling up to you under the covers all
night. They love going for rides, and both wag their whole bodies
when they are happy.  They are joyful, happy, loving little guys.  They
each weigh about 15 lbs. They are also very smart, which is typical of
the breed, and love learning new things.  They would love to be the
only dogs in their forever home, as they like to be the center of
attention.  We would prefer a home with Xolo experience, and no
young kids please.  These little guys are very special and looking for
the perfect forever home together.
(Paks and Zinacan are being fostered in New England)