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Lilah has been adopted!
Scully & Scrappy
Say hello to Scully and Scrappy!  This darling bonded
pair of bothers are 10 years old but they act much
younger. As you can see, they are inseparable, so they
must be adopted together. They are hairy hariless
Cresteds and are are on the larger side. Scrappy is the
bigger of the two, and he is very food motivated.  You
have to watch him at meal time or he will try and help
himself to everyone's food! Scully is a bit smaller and
pickier. He is very athletic and loves running up the
stairs 3 at a time!  He also loves to run, so a fenced yard
would be ideal. They love to sleep in bed with their
people and will cuddle together every chance they get.  
Like typical brothers, they will squabble at each other if
one steps on the other, but they adore each other and
get along great with other dogs too.  They would not be
a match for a home with cats as they like to chase them
and bark at them. These beautiful boys are just waiting
for their perfect forever home.  Might it be you?
(Scully & Scrappy are being fostered in southern DE)
Luna and Cosmo
Luna and Cosmo are a darling little pair of pups.  These
little hairless ones were found abandoned in some bushes
with a box nearby.  We don't know what their previous life
was like, but they are very sweet and well-behaved.  They
are small at just 7 (Luna is working on regaining her girlish
figure!) and 6 pounds respectively. They appear to be
young, with Cosmo (male/red spotted) being about 1 and
Luna (female/black) perhaps a year older. We believe them
to be Xolo/Chihuahua mixes. They are very attached to
each other, so they require a home that will adopt them
both.  Due to their small size, they need a home with no
small children or large dogs. They are very fun-loving,
chasing each other around playfully or snuggling in the
sun together.  If Luna leaves the room, Cosmo goes in
search of her because he can't bear for her to be out of his
sight. They would be happy to sleep in their person's bed
because they have so much love to give and just want to be
with you.  They are high-energy little dogs who love
running around all day long, so a fenced yard is necessary.
They would not be candidates for apartment/condo living
as they do tend to let you know whenever they hear any
unfamiliar noises.
They are house-trained and are just the
sweetest little dogs. If you are interested in what this darling
little pair has to offer, please submit an application today!
(Cosmo and Luna are being fostered in  southern Delaware)