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Stella is sadly heartworm positive, and
she is currently undergoing heartworm
treatment.  She is a sweet, charming
little 9 year old girl. We are not
accepting applications on her at this
time.  Please think good thoughts for her
as she undergoes treatment, and check
back for updates.  
Helen and Stanley Roper
We are calling these beautiful pups Mr. and Mrs. Roper
because they are like a little married couple.  They have been
through a terrible ordeal in their lives of abuse and neglect.  
They were found in a burning house and weighed just half of
what they should at 7 lbs each. They have since gained the
weight back and are now a healthy 13 lbs. The third dog they
were rescued with sadly did not survive, which broke our
hearts. They get very upset if they are separated from each
other at all. As such, we will only adopt them together, as they
are so bonded. They are a classic couple, both sweet and
loving and eager to please. Their favorite activities include
playing, sleeping and eating. They are seniors at 10 and 11
years old, just hoping to spend their golden years in the lap of
luxury, being loved and cherished. They are well-mannered
and quickly learned the potty routine. Helen is a little more
outgoing and vocal.  She loves to sit on your lap and give
kisses.  She does have dry eye which requires daily drops but
she does great with it.  Stanley is a little more laid back, quiet,
and loves to just chill. They sleep together in the same bed.  
They have been the perfect house guests. Whoever adopts
them will be lucky to have this wonderful pair in their life!
(The Ropers are being fostered in NY)
Mortie and Suey are little 10 year old American
Hairless Terriers.  They have just arrived and are
currently being evaluated.  Mortie is a special needs
boy.  Both are very sweet with lots of energy.  Please
check back for an update, as they will be available
for adoption soon!
(Mortie and Suey are being fostered in New England)
Wishing for a home
for Christmas!
Walker has just arrived and is
currently being evaluated.  He
also has some minor medical
issues that need treatment before
he will be ready for adoption.  He
is between 8-10 years old. He is
located in PA.  We are not
accepting applications on him at
this time, so please check back
for updates.