Prize #24: Microwave Potato

Cute and functional, this fabric
pouch cooks potatoes in the
microwave to perfection.  
Adorable kitten print fabric.
(Donated by Kay Turner)

Starting bid:  $5.00
Bare Paws Rescue Fundraiser Auction
Our auction is one of our most important fundraisers.  You can bid on wonderful items with starting bids that are well below
the retail value of each item.  You will be helping our rescue dogs while getting great gifts for yourself or someone else.  
Please note the following:
~Bids will be updated at the end of each day.  Auction runs
through August 26.  The highest bidder for each item as of
2:00pm (Eastern) on August 26th wins the item.
~Bids must be in increments of dollars and not cents.
~You must supply your name and email address when you place your bid. Bidding link is at the bottom of each page.
~Payment is due within 3 days of auction's end.  Failure to pay will result in you being placed on a "Do not allow" list for
future auctions. Payment via PayPal, check or money order.
~Bidders agree to add $5.00 shipping to their final bid to help defray postage costs. No shipping charge will be added to gift
cards and jewelry items. *International bidders, please contact us before bidding.
~If 2 bids of the same amount are received, the first bid received will take precedent.  Initials of the current high bidders are
shown beside each current bid.  Please email us with any questions.
Please remember that every penny raised from our auction goes directly to the care of these beautiful, kind little dogs.  
Happy bidding!!
Item #1: Custom Dog Painting
This is such a beautiful item.  Winning
bidder will receive a custom painting of
their dog!  Send the artist your favorite
photo of your pup and you will receive a
spectacular custom painting like those
shown. The artist will beautifully
capture your dog's personality. 9x12"
acrylic on canvas.  What a wonderful
tribute to the little one you love! Don't
miss out on this truly wonderful

Starting bid:  $75.00

Winning bid:  $75.00 PP
Item #3:  "Hairless Dogs-The Naked Truth"
How adorable are these little note
cards?  Set of 10 cards with
envelopes have a beautiful print of 3
elegant hairless Cresteds lounging
among their animal print pillows.  5
1/2 x 4" So unique!
(Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $20.00 KT
Item #23:  Hairless Crested
Note Cards
Books about hairless breeds are hard to
come by, and this one is fantastic!  Full of
colored photos, it covers all aspects of the
hairless breeds, including a section on
other hairless animals such as cats. Chock
full of useful information, it also makes a
lovely coffee table book.
(Donated by Joyce Enlow)

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $25.00 CL
Item #4:  Paw Photo Ornament
What an easy way to help rescue
dogs-buy this gift card and then
it's like you get your money right
back on the gift card!
(Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $45.00

Winning bid:  $45.00 SH
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This stuffed bear is super
rugged and has ropes inside it,
which are intriguing and great
for chewers who need to be
(Donated by Lisa Ferrugiero)

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 KT
Item #9: Kong Set
Size Small Kong and package
of Kong Snacks to fill it with
will keep your dog happy and
(Donated by Lisa Ferrugiaro)

Starting bid:  $8.00

Winning bid:  $10.00 PP
Item #12: Heart Harness
Soft gray stripes with pink trim
accentuate the colorful heart of
this adorable harness. Strong
velcro closure, fits 17" chest,
10" neck
(Donated by Charlene Raber)

Starting bid:  $12.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 JJ
Item #21:  Reversible Silk Coat

This spectacular dog coat is a
work of art.  Red and gold silk
quilted print reverses to soft
gold silk. Size Small, 12" length
(Donated by Bill Parr)

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $21.00 LM
Item #18: Dog/Cat Tent

This dog tent is the epitome of
comfort!  Soft foam sides and plush
cushion inside, all encased in super
soft fabric, ensure that your dog or
cat will never want to come out! (Two
available-see below)
(Donated by Lori Kearns)

Starting bid:  20.00

Winning bid:  $25.00 CF
Same as above but in tan.  Your
dog or cat will love this quiet little
spot to hang out!
(Donated by Lori Kearns)

Starting bid:  $20.00

Winning bid:  $20.00 TM
Item #19: Dog/Cat Tent
Proclaim your love of the
breed with this cute sign.
"A House is not a home
without a Chinese Crested"
sign will complement any
decor. 10x5".

Starrting bid:  $10.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 DM
Item #13: Chinese Crested Sign
This Darden gift card can be used
at Olive Garden, Longhorn and
several other restaurants (see
photo). What a delicious way to
help rescue dogs!
(Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting Bid:  $45.00

Winning bid:  $55.00 CD
Item #6:  Hot Pink Leopard Harness
This is such a pretty, high quality
harness.  Soft, cushiony fabric
with strong velcro closure.  Size
XS fits 14" chest, 9" neck.
(Donated by Charlene Raber)

Starting bid:  $12.00
Paw ornament adorned with a little
bell and white ribbon holds a small
photo of your beloved furkid.  A
nice memento any time of year!
(Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $6.00 LK
Item #20:  $50 Walmart Gift Card
Auction ends on August 26th.  Highest bid
as of 2:00pm Eastern on that date wins the
item, so don't miss out!
(Please note:  Depending on your browser,
you may receive a notice saying you are
being redirected to a different location
when you place your bid. If you do, please
choose "Yes" and you will then be taken to
the bid confirmation page)
Item #8:  $50 Olive Garden Gift Card
Item #7: $50 Target Gift Card
You can buy all your everyday
items while helping our rescue
dogs! Win-win!
(Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $45.00

Winning bid:  $50.00 KT
Item #10: Kong Wild Knots Toy
Item #5: Crested List Pad
Adorable Crested art adorns
this magnetic List Pad.

Starting bid:  $5.00

Winning bid:  $6.00 LK
Item #22:  Holiday Dress

This dress is simply
spectacular. Black velvet
bodice with red and gold plaid
skirt and red satin bow trim is
just perfect for every special
Size Medium, 14-17" length

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $20.00 LK
Item #11: Angela Moore
If you have trouble getting the bidding form to go through,
CLICK HERE to email your bid.  Please be sure to
include your name and item number with your bid.  Thank you!
Angela Moore is renowned for
her beautiful bracelets.  
Google her and you will see
she has a huge fan base
because her items are so
pretty. This one is lovely bright
shades to go with everything.
One size fits all.
Retail $50.00
(Donated by Belle Soprano)

Starting bid:  $25.00
Item #14:  Girls' Toy Pack

Do you have a little girl dog
who loves toys? Then you
need this gift pack!  Set
includes 8" pink stuffed pig,
girlie monkey, cell phone
(every girl needs one!), rope
toy and rubber chew toy.  
Treat your girl to a fun

Starting bid:  $15.00

Winning bid:  $17.00 RM
Item #26:  Custom Chinese
Crested Print Pajamas

These beautiful jersey pajamas
feature a CUSTOM Chinese
Crested print fabric that is not
available anywhere else! Winner
may choose from Size Small
13", Medium 15" or Large 17"
length (those are the only sizes
available).  You won't see these
anywhere else!
(Donated by SH)

Starting bid:  $25.00

Winning bid:  $50.00 RM
Item #2: Cole Haan Grace Crossbody Bag

Gorgeous Cole Haan Grace Crossbody
Messenger bag in soft vegetable leather with
silver hardware.  Adjustable shoulder strap,
interior zip pocket.  8"W x 6"H x 2"D. Strap drop
length approx 22"
Retail $148
(Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $80.00

Winning bid:  $85.00 BP
Item #25: Heart Sweater

This elegent sweater patterned
in hot pink and gray has a
charming satin bow detail at the
neck.  Size L,
17-19" length.
(Donated by Lynette Snell)

Starting bid:  $15.00
Item #16:  Snuggle & Love
Fleece Throw

Soft, lightweight fleece is
perfect for snuggling with your
little loves! Great to throw over
a couch or chair to protect it
from dirty paws, too.  Generous
(Donated by Lisa Ferrugiaro)

Starting bid:  $8.00

Winning bid:  $8.00 TM
Item #27:  Yellow Sheep
Pajamas-Size Small

Adorable jammies with little
black and white sheep and teal
trim have a topside velcro
closure for easy on and off.
Size Small, 10-13" length, 18"

Starting bid:  $12.00

Winning bid:  $15.00 KT
Item #15:  Boys' Toy Pack

Of course we can't forget the
boys!  This fun toy pack
includes a great big (36"!) 2
headed stuffed squeaky
snake, leopard stuffed ball,
rubber bone, tennis ball and
rope chew toy.  Keep him
entertained for hours!

Starting bid:  $15.00
Item #17:  Cole Haan Vintage
Valise Maris Crossbody Bag

The Marisa Crossbody from Cole
Haan in a soft vegetable leather
with chrome gecko print leather
trim. Featuring a custom logo-
engraved flip lock closure, an
adjustable shoulder strap and an
exterior back slide pocked with
magnetic closure.  Interior zip
pocket.  Custom Hardware.
8"W x 6"H x 2"D, approx strap
drop length 22.5"
Retail $248
(Donated by Julie Bartage)

Starting bid:  $80.00

Winning bid:  $85.00 BP
Item #28: Yellow Sheep
Pajamas-Size Medium

Same cute jammies as above
but in Size Medium, 14-17"
length, 22" girth

Starting bid:  $12.00

Winning bid:  $25.00 BM