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These charming cards are also a gift! The foam Crested is a detachable ornament, complete with
hanger! They are the perfect way to brighten someone's day. They look darling hanging from a plant, on
a Christmas tree, anywhere you want to spread some Crestie cheer. Each has sparkling hair, socks and
ears, adding to their charm. So unique and each made by hand.
$6.50 each, including shipping.  Want us to mail them to someone for you?  Just let us know!
Tan/Bronze Hearts
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD10)    
Tan/White Hearts
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD12)
Black Hearts #1
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD14)
Gray/White Hearts
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD16)
Tan/White Stars
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD18)
Black Hearts #2
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD20)
Blue Balloons
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD22)
Gray/White Butterflies
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD24)
Black Balloons
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD26)
Lavender Hearts
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD28)
Tan/Bronze Balloons
Ornament Card
(Item #CARD30)
Artisan-made, tiny soft sculpture Chinese Cresteds are an adorable gift for yourself or the Crestie
lover on your list who has everything! Just 3" tall and completely made by hand, each one is unique.
$28 each including shipping.
A percentage of all proceeds are donated to Bare Paws Rescue. Prices
include shipping. We are sorry that we are unable to offer international
shipping at this time.  Thank you for supporting our foster dogs!
Blue marbled with
hot pink hair, Item #D50
Bright Splotches with
Pastel Hair, Item #D55
Blue Marbled with
White Hair, Item #D60
Camo with pastel
yellow hair, Item #D66
Leopard with White
Hair, Item #68
Snow Leopard Print
with BlackHair,
Item #D70
Bright Splotches with
Purple Hair, Item #D72
If you would like to order multiple
items, please use the link below.  
Include the item numbers and we will
send you a PayPal invoice.  Thank you!
New items will be added
regularly, so please check back!
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I love my Chinese Crested decal
3.5 x 3.75"  
6 Available, Item #DC80
Got Chinese Crested Decal
Royal Blue, 3.75 x 4.75"
2 available, Item #DC87
Bright Pink, 3.75 x 4.75"
3 available, Item #DC90
White, 3.75 x 4.75"
3 available, Item #DC92
Got Chinese Crested Decal
Purple, 3.75 x 4.75"
2 available, Item #DC95
$5.00 each including shipping